Monday, June 2, 2014

Spotify Announces New Security Upgrade

Will receive a new update within the next few days due to a security breach. The company announced the breach yesterday, after it noted that one account was compromised. While no password, payment, or financial information was stolen the music streaming service is still taking steps to close the vulnerability. The user in question has been alerted to the breach & Spotify will require all users to update their Android app. Those on iOS & Windows Phone have been unaffected. While the breach of security was extremely small, it is interesting to note how quickly Spotify has moved to seal off any potential exploit that could leave other users vulnerable. In a time where security breaches usually concern several thousand users at a time, it is unusual for a single account breach to be announced. This could be a sign of how seriously Spotify takes its security, or it could be that the vulnerability involved is more serious than indicated.

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